Public mapping tools to assist the public in drawing maps will be available soon. There are different tools for different purposes, and for different levels of technical skill and interest.

A variety of map-drawing tools will be available:

1. Paper-only maps for those without internet access or who prefer paper

Tools needed:

2. Paper maps with a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to calculate population totals

Tools needed:

3. A simple online map drawing tool to easily draw neighborhoods or communities of interest: Dave’s Redistricting App is an easy-to-use map drawing tool to create and submit redistricting maps.

    • Link to online mapping tool Chino Hills Map (right click on the map link to open the map in a new tab)
    • Sign Up for DRA 2020
    • Read DRA 2020 User Guide
    •  Select a map to start from and click “Duplicate.”  The site will take you to your personal “My Maps” list and your map will show (be patient, this takes a few seconds).  Rename your map keeping “Chino Hills” in the title.  Click “Edit” to begin drawing/editing.  When finished, go back to “My Maps,” select your map, and choose “Publish.”  (You may adjust the title and description before you submit.)  Send an email to notifying that your plan is published (please include your plan name).

After you submit your map, the demographic consultants will generate the population and other demographic details for your proposed map. Maps can be viewed on the Draft Maps page or on the Interactive Review Map.